Les Filles Florissantes

Astazi am sa va povestesc cum am impletit armonios cateva elemente de poveste. Rezultatul: un pictorial plin de culoare.

Pentru „potiunea magica” am folosit, pentru inceput, doua frumoase „fapturi retro” cu care ne-am luat zborul in aventura noastra de o zi. Ele poarta marca unui personaj mitologic, dar mai mult, apartin unui brand cu o importanta insemnatate pentru romani, un brand ce rescrie povestile copilariei, pe scurt Bicicletele PEGAS.

Luana 1 LMC Les Filles Florissantes


It’s begining to look alot like… SUMMER!

Zilele trecute am decis sa ma las purtata de razele soarelul si sa ma relaxez cu o plimbare prin Palatul in care arta domneste, si anume Muzeul National de Arta. Mi-a luat cateva ore bune sa trec prin toate expozitiile, insa atunci cand am pasit in ultima camera a palatului mi-as fi dorit sa o iau de la capat. Din pacate (more…)

The BEAUTY of a woman

FEMEIA… e adevarat, sunt atatea de spus despre ea. Atunci cand rostesti cuvantul femeie, tu la ce te gandesti?!

Am auzit multe lucruri spunandu-se despre femei de-a lungul anilor..unii spun ca am veni de pe Venus, altii ca „am cazut din cer” si lista continua… Acum, revenind la intrebarea ce v-am adresat-o mai sus, raspunsul meu ar fi… (more…)

Lazy Sunday afternoon

As the weather outside is not that friendly and when it’s also Sunday which is known as the most boring day of the week…. Just one question remains! What should we do in a day like this?

Let me present you my Sunday schedule…

While looking in my wardrobe, I let myself feel inspired by the Sunday mood and also by the weather outside. As the weather is so cloudy and chilly, I didn’t chose a colorful outfit but an all black one with a patch of grey (my favorite hat).

Experts say that we usually choose the colors we wear by the mood we have at that moment, but honestly… I totally disagree. I just love wearing black!! It makes me feel confident and sexy. Black is the new black and it will always be!

After choosing the most suitable look that makes you feel beautiful and confident, put on a beautiful pair of heels and buy yourself a good coffee! Now THE WORLD IS YOURS. As Bette Middler says “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. In my case it was my hat but anyway, you can choose any item that inspires you.

I wish you have a wonderful Sunday, my dear fashionistas!



Luana Codreanu

lazy sunday 1 Lazy Sunday afternoon Topshop street style luana codreanu lazy sunday Last Minute Couture H&M grey hat fashion Bershka. all black


Not another Valentine’s Day story…

O zi a iubirii nu exista! Iubirea este pretutindeni si trebuie celebrata zi de zi, indiferent de modul in care alegeti sa o exprimati.

Iubirea nu inseamna numai lapte si miere, ciocolata, buchete de flori si inimioare parfumate. Iti arati iubirea fata de partener prin gesturi, atingeri, priviri… de multe ori nici macar nu e nevoie sa ne folosim de cuvinte. Atat de simplu, nu-i asa?

armnd Not another Valentines Day story... Valentines Day Styling Pas du Tout Norina Stoica Manuri Makeup luana codreanu Love Last Minute Couture Iubire Hairstyle


Opulence, Furs and Men

Furs have always been a symbol of opulence, wealth, influence and glamour…They have always been attributed to the aristocracy and nobility, especially in the medieval times when the “Sumptuary Laws” stated that furs were garments which could to be worn exclusively by the upper strata of the society.

Ever since fur became the “Cinderella Dream”! Owning one would open the elite’s door and will transform us, women, in princesses… But what will happen at 12 o’clock, when the spell disappears? The answer is: (more…)

Pure nymphs

My dear friend, Valentin Pralea, has done an amazing capsule collection named “Pure style”, which I absolutely love!

I hope you will enjoy the pictures!

DSC3046 Pure nymphs shooting season fashion nymphs luana codreanu hunting fashion how to wear a hat hats beautiful hats Andreea Cristea